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Our Vision

Learn What Nation Wants.

Our Mission

  • Creating awareness in students about the importance of Tourism, Aviation and Hospitality world-wide and its impact on their career.
  • Providing students the highest quality education and developing a rigorous theoretical educational curriculum.
  • Recruiting and retaining quality faculty with industry credentials.
  • Developing industry partnerships to provide internships and other career opportunities for students.
  • Developing pathways to employment in the industry through various placement programs organized by the institute.

Our Objective

  • To increase the number of opportunities for a student’s academic success and to prepare the student for entering into the service industry.
  • Seek industry input to achieve academic program development and to ensure students are trained and educated to meet the industry standard.
  • Produce professionals with the ability to lead in the industry.
  • Create consciousness and to provide global view of service industry, so that the students can make sound career judgment later on.
  • Develop realistic practical training program for broader understanding in students.